Watch winder box. The beauty of mechanical watch is that it involves no battery, its power come from a natural source of energy, spring mechanism that produced kinetic energy. A mechanical watch is born from an intricate system of gears that works together resulting in a consistent movement. Some of the famous manufacturers for this kind of mechanical watch even raise the standard further even as getting their watch certified by CSOC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) an institute which certifies the accuracy and precision of watches. Customers like us got carried out thinking that this kind of mechanical watch is somehow Godly, and will behave differently than basic mechanical watch, which is sadly untrue.

Rolex is one of the big and premium name in the market who produces mechanical watch. They even found their own mechanism who will guarantee a highly accurate perpetual motion. But even the most advanced mechanical Rolex can’t go against Physics law, if you don’t continuously wear it then it will slow down and eventually stop. Usually it will last around 40-48 hours. So if you have multiple Rolexes, and forget to switch watches every day, big chance you still need for watch winder for Rolex.

The question next is how much should we spend to buy watch winder for Rolex, should we spend as much as the watch itself? The answer is of course is a definite no, there are certain specifications for watch winder in general and it’s not excluding watch winder for Rolex. The functional requirements are basically the same such as how many rotation will it make in one day? Will it fit with the size of your watch, IF you own unusually small or big watches? How quiet is the winder if you can’t tolerate loud buzz in yo. All other characteristics like extravagant materials, futuristic model shape, made from real leather, gold, silver, diamonds, those are extra luxuries, you can pay for it or keep your money for another Rolex piece.