Automatic Watch winder is a storing device for your watches that automatically rotates it to keep their machinery running, even when not being worn, and ready to be used at all times. Depending on what types your watches are, you might want to invest in a watch winder. Here are some things you want to know before getting a watch winder.

Your need to know your watch’s movement type. Basically a watch has two basic movement types, quartz and mechanical. You can find out your watch’s movement type by carefully observing the movement of the second hand as it moves around the face of your watch. If the second-hand makes a ticking motion as it marks each passing second, your watch is operating with a quartz movement. A quartz movement means that your watch is operated through a battery. As such, if you own a quartz watch, you don’t need a watch winder to keep your watch ticking, as it can be operated without a watch winder.

In contrast, if the second hand of your watch makes more of a quiet or a sweeping type of motion, your watch is operating with a mechanical kind of movement. These type of watches cannot be run on batteries and does need a watch winder. Furthermore, there are two types of mechanical movements: manual and automatic.

A manual mechanical movement watch is a type of watch that is driven by a mainspring, which must be hand-wound periodically. In other words, to run a manual watch, you only need your hand to wind it. You can determine that your watch is an automatic or manual by looking at the back of the watch. If you can easily see the little and tiny gears and springs that make your watch ticks, it is most likely a manual watch. You can also tell that it is a manual wind watch if it ever stops running while you are wearing it.

On the other hand, if the back of your watch is half transparent and the other half is covered by metal, then you have an automatic mechanical movement watch. You can also determine this by shaking the watch gently and see if you can feel the rotor moving inside. This type of watches winds itself up while you are wearing it on your wrist. This type of watches do not require a battery or any manual winding to keep it running. Automatic watches are the ones that would benefit from having a watch winder.